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Single Ply Membrane

Single Ply Membrane

Caelum Contracts are approved single ply roofing contractors to install a range of different single ply membrane solutions.

Single ply membrane is a part of a new generation of synthetic roofing which provides enhanced performance and benefits over traditional methods. Benefits of single ply membrane include:

  • Cost effectiveness – Installation times are significantly reduced when compared to traditional roofing solutions, and subsequently labour costs are lower
  • Lightweight system – as single ply is a lightweight solution, other building materials and steel structures can be reduced at the conception stage of the building.
  • Weather Resistant– the material is resistant to tears and punctures, as well as extreme weather conditions and temperature shocks.
  • Fire resistance – Fire retardant material
  • Green roof – considerable environmental benefits using recycled materials.

We have specialist single ply tradesman in our team who have the required experience and training to install the following fully guaranteed single ply systems:

You can see some of our single ply membrane work in our portfolio case study for Building 18 BRE. If you’re interested in a single ply solution for your project, contact us to organise a free survey and estimate, or alternatively request a call back by clicking the tab on the right of the screen.