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Sarnafil Roofing Contractor

Caelum Contracts are a registered contractor for ICB single ply roofing systems, an alternative to Sika Sarnafil. Several members of our team have been trained and approved by ICB to install their products to the highest standards. Our work is regularly inspected by ICB to ensure everything is done in accordance with their exacting standards.

We believe that ICB’s range of Evalon roofing membranes outperforms other membranes, such as Sarnafil, for several reasons:

  • It’s a homogeneous membrane, meaning it’s not assembled from different layers of differing quality
  • Evalon is not affected by exposure to hydrocarbons like kerosene (aviation fuel) as other membranes are
  • Evalon is bitumen compatible
  • Evalon doesn’t require lap sealant to protect membrane weld
  • Evalon has a life expectancy of 30 years
  • Evalon is suitable for flat or pithed roofs
  • Evalon can be easily repaired by welding new onto old
  • Evalon is BBA certified and qualifies for an insurance backed warranty

You can read more about the benefits of single ply roofing membranes on the resource section of our website. You can also see some of our single ply membrane work on the portfolio section of our website.

If you’re interested in a single ply solution for your project, contact us to organise a free survey and estimate, or alternatively request a call back by clicking the tab on the right of the screen.