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Advantages of single ply membrane

What are the benefits of single ply membrane?

Freedom of Form

You have a real freedom of form when it comes to single ply membrane, and that means you can be more creative with the roof design and performance than with arguably any other form of roofing. There are also several options on colours so you can match the profile with eaves, verges and parapets.

Cost Effective

On larger roofs, installation time is considerably reduced with single ply membrane when compared to alternative solutions like asphalt and torch on felt.


Single ply membrane is a lightweight alternative to traditional systems, therefore it provides the potential to reduce the cost of other building materials and systems at the conception stage, like steel structures, as the load bearing requirements will be reduced when compared to the alternative options.

Weather resistant

All the membrane options for single ply are resistant to tears and punctures, as well as any shocks in temperature, so maintenance requirements are reduced

Fire resistance

Single ply membranes are fire retardant, and application is flame-free. Hot-air welding, adhesives and fasteners are used for application.

Thermal performance

A Single ply membrane solution provides a high thermal performance by incorporating thermally efficient rigid insulation.