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18-20 Cranley Gardens

18-20 Cranley Gardens

The existing roofs to these two adjoining properties in South Kensington are used as roof gardens and had been covered in hardwood decking. Large planters were placed on the roof with irrigation systems.

The roofs had been repaired many times in recent years due to leaking. When the leaking returned, we were approached to conduct a full survey of the roof and suggested to the client’s managing agents, HRH, that the roof required total replacement as the irrigation system contributed to the earlier failure. The client, London Land, agreed and decided that the roof was no longer fit for purpose and to invest in a new roof rather than further repairs.

We installed a build-up of 2mm HP felt vapour barrier with a manufacture’s 15 year guarantee. New WPB ply decking was installed with fully bonded 120mm PIR insulation board in order to increase the system’s U Value and comply with Part L of the Accredited Construction Details. The roof was then fitted with a combination of recovered hard wood from the existing roof and new hard wood decking where required . The irrigation system was removed.